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👋 We’re Rascal Games. We build games that are unapologetically multiplayer.

We're working on Project Wayward, a group-based PvE action-adventure game, inspired by Sea of Thieves, Valheim, and Fortnite. Our goal is to authentically capture the dream of adventuring in magical worlds with friends.

We believe small teams can build durable games played by millions, and we're hiring fellow adventurers to join us!

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Rascal Games is founded by Rick and Jon, 2nd-time founders (Blitz.gg) and ex-product leaders from Discord.

We’re fully funded through Series Seed with the support of seasoned game devs and investors like Patron, Mitch Lasky (early investor at Riot Games, thatgamecompany, Manticore Games), Stephen Lim (co-founder of VALORANT & Raidbase), Stanislav Vishnevskiy (co-founder of Discord), a16z SPEEDRUN, and more.